Transport of Pollutants

The CCMMMA can provide a forecasting, monitoring and analysis of the environmental impact caused by the dispersion of pollutants in atmosphere. In Figure 2 is shown the smoke dispersion emitted by the fire of the incinerator of Acerra (40.978473°N 14.384058°E) in the month of August 2012 (newspaper article of

Researchers at the CCMMMA using the coupled modeling chain WRF-CALMET-CALPUFF (Figure 1) at high spatial resolution, and this allow us to identify the areas both agricultural and housing, most affected by the event (Figure 2).


Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

The study started from weather simulations of CCMMMA that reach a resolution spaiale of 1 Km of 24 hours, using the pre-processor CALMET we can interpolate the fields of wind reaching a spatial resolution of 100 m per cell, finally, the model CALPUFF allows us to observe the transportation and distribution of the column of smoke emitted by the fire. In Figure 2, you can show an example of how these results can be viewed using the following KML file with GoogleEarth ©.

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